Overnight Pet Sitting

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YBFF understands there are times when it may be necessary for someone to stay in your home overnight (ill pet, new puppy, old pet, or just because it is your preference, etc.). YBFF has a limited team of home/pet sitters that will stay in your home, for a twelve hour period overnight. Visits during the day, when needed, will be made by the regular YBFF team members if the overnight pet sitter is unavailable. The overnight pet sitters are YBFF employees and some are employees you are already familiar with because they might be full or part-time regular employees. Every overnight pet sitter is trained and supervised in the same way as our regular pet sit employees. We will schedule a meeting with you, the YBFF manager and the person house/pet sitting for you so you can meet them and go over details of the job. Rates for this service will vary depending on the services required. All information outlined on the Pet Sitting page applies to the Overnight Pet Sitting as well.


On the last day of service, we will leave an invoice with an envelope addressed to YBFF with an evaluation form that we would appreciate your filling out and sending in with your payment. Gratuities can be added to the total and will be given to the appropriate team member(s).

There are substantial penalties for cancelling overnight service without appropriate notification. Our overnight team holds that time-frame, and turns down any other jobs that interfere or overlap with that job.