YBFF Home Care

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Home Care Without Pets

YBFF offers home care for those of you without pets or when your pets are traveling with you. YBFF home care gives you a piece of mind while you are away on business or vacation. You won’t need to worry about stopping the paper and mail, or worry about packages and flyers sitting on your front porch during your absence. If a water pipe breaks or some unforeseen visible problem occurs, we will see the problem during our daily walk through and will call the appropriate numbers you have provided us.

  • YBFF will help secure your home with the impression of occupancy: alternating lights, adjusting blinds, turning a radio on and off and doing a daily walk through the entire house looking for unforeseen visible problems (broken pipe, water leak, etc.).
  • YBFF will bring in newspapers, mail, fliers and packages each day. We will take your trash and recycling bins to the curb and back on the appropriate day.
  • YBFF will water flowers and plants inside and out and fill bird feeders if needed.

On the last day of service, we will leave an invoice with an envelope addressed to YBFF with an evaluation form that we would appreciate your filling out and sending in with your payment. Gratuities can be added to the total and will be given to the appropriate team member(s).