“Your Best Friend’s Friend is amazing!! I cannot say enough good things about this place. Typically I have used open boarding facilities for my dog when I go out of town, but I thought I would try an in-home service this time, and I am so glad I did. The level of care and attention was incredible. I received text messages w/ pictures while I was away and when I came home there was a journal with daily entries about how the daily visits went. YBFF is simply the best I have ever used and will definitely be a repeat customer. Highly recommend you give them a shot. You’ll be extremely happy. More importantly, your pet will be happy and well cared for. Thanks, YBFF!”
Gavin M, July 2019

“Absolutely pleased with YBFF!!! This is the first time I have used them, and so happy…the dogs were great, the house was perfect…could not be happier! I emailed several times and they were always super responsive, sent photos, and were just really great…and I appreciate being able to pay for the service upon completion, not before the service…highly recommend and will use them again…terrific…”
Ellen Z, July 2019

“Your Best Friend’s Friend (YBFF) has been absolutely wonderful for all five of our pets for many years. We first met them when we got our first dog, a puppy mill rescue dog who doesn’t like people other than us. They quickly found the perfect person that he likes, and have carefully found others for backup who can work with a dog who is partially blind in one eye and afraid of people. We get notes from all their visits to know what our pets were up to that day. We know who did what on the walk and how the cats were doing. The care and love they give our pets is so amazing and reassuring. I can’t imagine working with anyone else to take care of our pets, particularly our special needs dog who is so happy to see them! Our YPFF dog walkers are family members who love our pets as much as we do, and make it possible for two people with busy careers to have dogs and cats who are happy and so well-cared-for 24/7.”
Katie L, May 2017


“Janice and the YBFF team are excellent and caring pet service professionals. They are thorough and loving and always leave everything in tip top shape in the house. We have a lot of critters and they dutifully take great care of them and leave us daily progress reports. They have come through for us in a pinch when we’ve needed last minute care; we can ALWAYS depend on them!”
Leslie H, April 2017


“Your Best Friend’s Friend pet sitting business is a godsend to me. When I had two family members in the hospital, they helped me take care of my 3 cats and a dog. I recently went on a short vacation and they did an awesome job coming in here to care for my pets.

Their professionalism inspires confidence that your pets are going to be well cared for – and this enables you to enjoy your vacation!!! Shirley, the manager of the business and the team of sitters she arranged to come in were all wonderful and left detailed notes of what happened during their visit.

When we returned, all the animals seemed relaxed and not stressed at all. I would highly recommend YBFF pet sitting if you need professionals to watch your pets.”

Mary L, 2017


“I have been using YBFF for over 3 years . I had a very serious back injury and my girlfriend gave me 3 1/2 months of dog walking as a gift. I cannot say enough about how wonderful and loyal this company has been. Without there care my dogs would’ve had no care at all. Every time they came my dogs were so happy to see them and couldn’t wait to go for their walk.

Fast forward a year and I needed them for another project. This time I tore my Achilles and was not able to be weight-bearing. My son had two snakes and was not living in our house and was unable to feed them. I called Shirley and Janice and not only did they drive to a snake store to get food but they came over and actually fed each snake one at a time and waited until they were finished. I am so grateful to have them in my life and would recommend them to anyone.”

Sheryl G, 2017


“Can’t say enough good things about YBFF. My wife and I have been clients for probably 7-8 years now. We have 3 loveable (but not necessarily well behaved) dogs and 2 slightly better behaved cats. We both work full time and our schedules are often unpredictable (e.g. having to stay at the office late, last minute out of town work-related trips, etc.), which means we often have last minute requests for YBFF to stop by to look in on our crew. They have been a life-saver. Prices are reasonable and the staff is fantastic. Just as important, we know all 5 of our “kids” are in good hands with YBFF!”
John L, 2016


“This group of people is amazing. They are dedicated and hard-working and go above-and-beyond for their clients. In their spare time, they also organize fund-raisers for Denver’s shelter animals and spoil their clients with gifts for holidays (like home-made dog treats for Christmas!)

I always trust YBFF when I go out of town or into the mountains. They’re great!”

Janice D, 2015


“Very reliable. They always text me and tell me everything is fine and also will leave me notes when I get home. They spend time w/our dog.”
Betty K, 2016


“They give my pup lots of TLC and are super flexible and accommodating. Real dog lovers!”
Gretchen S, 2016


“We LOVE Janice and the YBFF crew. They are so reliable and take the best care of our dog, cat, lizard and house. We have used them for 17 years and have nothing but good things to say about their extraordinary service.”
Madeline O, 2016


“We travel a lot and felt horrible always asking friends to care for our 5 cats. YBFF has been a godsend for us! We know we have reliable cat care. The staff at YBFF make sure our trash container isn’t left outside, turn lights on inside the house to make it look lived in and all of this is in addition to the excellent care they provide our pets. I’m happy to cast my vote for YBFF for Best Pet Sitting!”
Crystal H, 2015


“They are very attentive to our dogs and take great care of them. We’ve used them for over 6 years and highly recommend them.”
Joei M, 2016


“YBFF has taken care of my Sophie for almost 6 years. They are conscientious and trustworthy. I always know my home is safe and my dog is very well cared for. I would be lost without being able to count on them on a regular basis.”
Robin M, 2016


“Have used them for 10 years!! They are awesome…loving and caring! Best ever!”
Carol C, 2016


“This service has well trained technicians who can manage our diverse menagerie of horses, cats, newt, and fish when we travel. The service leaves a log book and records brief notes about each visit. They bring carrot treats and keep our barn as tidy as we left it.”
Karen M, 2015


“Your Best Friend’s Friend is one of the most amazing services I have found. They are professional, attentive and definitely go above and beyond. When they sat for our cat, we informed them it was her “birthday”. We came home to homemade catnip presents they had made for her. They also hid treats around the house to give her some searching incentives while they weren’t with her. Great company! I recommend them to everyone.”
Amber L, 2015


“Peace of mind! That’s what I have while I’m away from home, knowing that Zoe and my home are both in the best of hands!”
Jeudi S, 2015


“Thanks for the excellent pet sitting for Rascal. Vacations are tough on this old social cat however you guys do a great job with him.”
Don H, 2016
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