Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Sitting and General Questions

YBFF was formed by Janice Nickoloff in 1999. Janice continues in the field with all her furry friends and in the office full-time.

Office Phone: 303-692-1140; Office Text: 303-915-4077; Email:

If work or travel will keep you away from your pets, you’ve likely considered various pet-care options, from asking for help from a family member or friend to securing a professional pet sitter. More and more pet owners are using the services of professional pet sitters to take advantage of the benefits in-home pet care provides. Professional pet sitters are just what the description implies – professional. Some of the benefits are:

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home in their safe, secure environment
  • Pets will follow their regular diet, exercise routine and play times
  • Pets will receive an abundance of love and personal attention
  • Pets will receive medical treatments and medications including insulin injections if required
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet are eliminated
  • Pet’s exposure to illness is minimized as well as injuries that sometimes occur when dogs are boarded
  • Untrained and/or unwilling friends, family or neighbors will not be burdened to do something they may not be comfortable with
  • Owners will feel their home is more secure and know potential home problems will be handled
  • The YBFF team of professional pet sitters are all highly trained and experienced in working with all types of animals; know how to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations and can react quickly and effectively when necessary; knows how to tell if a pet needs veterinary attention; has immediate back-up in case of emergencies.
  • Your pets will be happily waiting for you at home when you return from your trip

We service most of the South Metro Denver area. The current boundaries are North-Mississippi, South-Lincoln, East-Parker, West-Broadway. The coverage includes most areas within the following zip codes: 80014, 80015, 80016, 80111, 80112, 80113, 80120, 80121, 80122, 80124, 80126, 80130, 80209, 80210, 80222, 80224, 80231. We are able to provide pet care outside our boundaries (if not too far out) at an additional per mile/day charge.

YBFF offers in home pet care including overnight care if needed.

Each visit we make is tailored to your specific needs and we spend one-on-one time with your pets. We can come once a day to as many times as you feel is needed. The number of visits per day your pet(s) require will be determined according to the type of pet, age of pet, how they are confined, if there is availability to a doggie door and of course, what your preference is. Special needs such as medications or special treatments and the time schedule for these are also taken into consideration. Some homes require only one visit per day while others may require two or more. We do require if you have only 2 visits in a day and the dog does not not have access to go potty, we space these visits at 12 hour intervals. If you have 3 visits or more, or dogs have access to go potty, we will not allow the longest space of time to be more than 9-10 hours.

Visits include providing exercise, walks, play times, feedings, fresh water, cleaning bowls, litter scooping, brushings, stall cleaning, administer/inject medications, if needed, yard clean-up, and lots of love and attention. The cost varies depending on what service and how many visits per day you require. Also included in pet sitting services are: watering plants, picking up mail/paper/packages/flyers, taking out trash, switching lights/blinds, a daily walk through the entire house looking for any obvious problem in the home such as broken pipes, etc. Our visits last from 30 to 45 minutes.

We have a wide range of experience and training for many types of animals; from dogs and cats to horses, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, birds, fish, turtles, frogs, snakes, lizards, and even goats and chickens.

All YBFF pet sitters are actual employees not independent contractors.

Yes, YBFF carries full liability and bonding insurance which covers all employees.

Yes, all employees go through a rigorous interview process and must pass a thorough background check prior to being hired. They are also required to have a current drivers license, auto insurance, have a good driving record and a reliable vehicle.

Yes, every employee completes and passes a pet first aid/CPR course.

Yes, all employees are thoroughly trained prior to being in the field on jobs alone and are constantly monitored and reviewed thereafter. Below is a brief outline of the training process:

  • The first two days are orientation, learning about YBFF, procedures, policies, employee handbook, etc. in the office.
  • The next two weeks are spent in the field with the field manager. The employee will shadow, ask many questions and learn all about the services we provide, how we do everything small and large, expectations of performance, etc.
  • They will learn hands on, all of the current daily dog walk clients. They will shadow and learn pet sitting jobs, the procedures and all the good insight we have on grooming them to become a great YBFF team member.
  • The third week, if the field manager feels they are ready, they will be doing jobs themselves, with the field manager monitoring and evaluating them, correcting any mistakes if there are any and making suggestions. The trainer will then meet with the office manager to review how she thinks the employee is doing and whether she feels he is ready to go out on his own.
  • If that all goes okay, a brief written test is given to the employee and he is asked to evaluate how he thinks the training went and how he thinks he is doing and if he feels ready to head out. If so he is given all his necessary supplies and is ready to go. They are required at this time to sign up for the pet first aid/CPR class and a deadline to have that completed.

Yes, all pet sitters are trained in pet first aid, administering medications and are trained in not only giving insulin injections but thorough training on what diabetes is, signs a pet may be ill and what to do if a diabetic pet does become ill. Some of our team members are also trained in administering subcutaneous fluids. YBFF will not administer any type medication without a Medication Information Form completed and sent to us prior to service.

YBFF will seek medical treatment in case of illness and/or injury, including transportation of your pet to your vet or an emergency clinic, if necessary. We will attempt to contact you with the numbers you provided and attempt to contact your emergency contact as well. We do not provide horse (large animal) transportation, but your vet will be contacted in case of illness or injury, and we will remain with the animal or have the owner’s emergency contact remain with the animal until the vet arrives. You will have signed, in advance, a medical release form which also will list the amount to not exceed.

Our policy is as long as the weather does not pose a threat/harm to the pet sitter, dog walker or pet, we will stay on schedule as much as possible to ensure proper care during scheduled visitations. We do not allow any walking during lightening, hail, extreme heat, or tornadic weather. This will sometimes delay scheduled arrival times. When such weather conditions occur please understand that your dog’s walk may greatly be shortened to only allow for a quick potty break. However, the walker/sitter can stay with your (pet) for the duration of the scheduled visit inside the safety of your home if time allows. We will make sure to communicate any changes to you immediately and deduct any needed amount from your billing.

Our goal is to keep the same two pet sitters (am shift and pm shift) on a job. We understand that your pets form bonds with pet sitters and we do try to keep them together. However, because of regular days off, vacations, scheduling efficiency, or an illness, it is not always possible to do this. Your level of service will not suffer in any way. Every team member receives clear written and verbal instruction and is thoroughly trained on the care of your pets. If a pet sitter should need to fill-in on a job and there is special training needed, the field manager will go with the pet sitter on the first visit to instruct and supervise.

NO, NEVER. Even if we are asked to let your cat outside while we are there, or at any time, our strict policy is to never let them out for the safety of the cat. We have many coyotes in our area of service, and it is not safe for any cat to be outside.

No. Our policy for our clients is that we require, at minimum, one 30 minute visit once every day to ensure that your cat is safe, not sick, has a sanitary environment, cleaned litter boxes, fresh food, fresh water as well as getting quality attention and love.

Yes, absolutely. We can send updates by text or email every day or every few days, whatever you would like. All pet sitters are required to update management on all of their jobs every day. They also take lots of pictures to send to you. We welcome you to text 303-915-4077 or email us as well if you would like an update.

Yes, we will leave an evaluation form at the end of every service for you to complete. We hope you will take the time to complete the form and provide any feedback good or bad and send with your payment or by itself. We strive to provide the best pet care service possible and rely on feedback to continue improving our service.

Yes, we will put our Identification Tag with our name and phone number to call, on the first visit of every job.

We offer competitive rates and offer, what we consider to be the best pet care company in the Denver area. Please click here for a complete description of our rates. Or, feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. 303-692-1140 or

  • Office hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Work/Job hours start from 5:30am and end by 9:30pm, every day of the week and every day of the year including holidays
  • Telephone messages, emails and texts are retrieved every hour from 6am until 9pm, every day
  • Messages are replied to by the following day unless it is an urgent or last minute request made within normal work hours

No we do not charge extra for working on any holiday. However, because holidays are our busiest time, we do ask that you try to schedule dates over the holidays as much in advance as possible for we can become booked and will not schedule more work than we can service properly. We do charge fees for booking service and canceling service with less than 7 days prior notice over any holiday period.

Yes, when we email you our brochure and client paperwork, you will find a list of clients, with phone numbers, you may contact. Phone numbers are not listed on the web site for privacy reasons. Please contact us to receive a brochure or any other information. 303-692-11540

All pet sitters have up-to-date client and home information with them at all times. Any new information is updated and given to each pet sitter prior to the start of the job. For new clients all information is gone through with the sitter thoroughly and all necessary paperwork given to the sitter. If needed, the manager will go with the pet sitter to the first visit. Schedules along with all materials are provided to pet sitters the week prior and updated and sent out throughout the day as needed and for future updates at the end of every day. Weekly team meetings are held to review any new information for existing clients and review information and schedule training for any new upcoming clients. We also discuss as a team how everything is going on all jobs.

YBFF provides overnight care for pets when needed. This is on a first come basis as we have a limited number of team members that are able to provide this service. The team member will stay at your house for an overnight period of 12 hours providing the same services and care that regular pet sitting provides. There is additional paperwork to complete but the initial process is the same except you will also have a meeting with the overnight employee doing the overnight job. Additional visits can be added at an additional charge.

You can contact us through the Contact Link on this web site, call us at 303-692-1140, email us at or by sending us a text at 303-915-4077. Calling gives you a chance to tell us what your exact needs are and learn about YBFF. We will send you a brochure, references and all the appropriate paperwork to complete. We will also schedule a meet and greet at that time where we will meet your pets and go over all the detailed instructions about the care of your pets and home to customize your service for your exact needs. You will be able to learn more about YBFF and this also ensures that your pets are comfortable with us. There is no charge for this initial meeting. We will take with us your signed paperwork, two sets of keys and all notes taken from the meeting so that we can compile your client file and detailed instructions for team members.

Once you are set up as a client, all it takes to schedule service is to click on the schedule service link on the web site, email, or call us at 303-692-1140.

We will contact you within 24 hours from your initial request for service either by phone or email. If we have questions on any of the information we will ask at the time. You will also receive another confirmation email or call approximately one week prior to your service. This not only gives you a peace of mind, we also will be confirming we do indeed have the correct dates, times, etc. to eliminate any possible confusion or misunderstanding. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE FINAL CONFIRMATION, DO NOT ASSUME EVERYTHING IS FINE, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY (303-692-1140) PRIOR TO LEAVING TO MAKE CERTAIN YOUR SERVICE IS SCHEDULED AND SCHEDULED CORRECTLY.

We ask that you try to give us as much notice as possible, at least two weeks, but understand when that is impossible due to an emergency. In this case, we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. We do ask that you try to schedule dates over the holidays as much in advance as possible for we quickly become booked and will not schedule more work than we can service properly. There are penalties for scheduling service late during any holiday period.

YBFF accepts cash or check. Payment is due for pet sitting upon completion of service. A bill and envelope for mailing will be left on the last day of service or you can set up bill pay with your bank to have the check mailed to the office. Any service over $300.00 requires a deposit of one-half the total service amount.

Payment for dog walking (daily/regular) clients is due at the end of every two week period. An invoice will be left by the dog walker on the Monday or next service day following the two week period, emailed or mailed to you, whichever your preference is. Payment can be left for the dog walker to pick up and return to office or mailed to the office. 5564 E Mansfield Ave, Denver, CO 80237.

Gratuities are very much appreciated by the hard working pet sitting and dog walking team and can be added to the total amount due and will be given to the appropriate YBFF team member.

On the Last Day Note/Invoice left on our last visit, there is a highlighted reminder for you to call the office at 303-692-1140 or text the office at 303-915-4077 to let us know you are home. If you do not confirm you are home and we can’t reach you by the next time a visit should be done, we will make the next visit and continue service until we confirm you are home. There are penalties for not letting us know you are home and we make an unneeded visit.


Dog Walking Questions

YBFF, provides regular daily walk programs or as many times a week as you require. Some of our clients just have us walk their pups once or twice a week because it’s an adventure, fun, and gives them a break from that regular routine, others have us walk them two to three times every day of the week. The length of walk can range from 10 minutes for a potty break to as long as you wish. We walk dogs in their familiar area or where you request us to walk them. We will not transport dogs to another area, take to dog parks or ever let a dog off leash.

YBFF dog walkers carry their own leashes and martingale collars. However, should your dog wear a certain collar/training collar, we will use that as instructed. We will use our martingale collars anytime we feel there is a chance the dog might slip out of their regular collar.

No, all dog walkers are supplied with poop pick up bags and required to pick up all poop and dispose of in an appropriate place.

YBFF prefers to provide one-on-one walks with just your pets. However, if you do have friends in the same complex/neighborhood that need dog walking services, we will be more than happy to combine the dogs, providing they get along with each other and the schedules match. We will never walk more than 3 well behaved dogs at a time. A discount will be given for combined walks.

Yes, you can request a regular scheduled time for your dog walks and YBFF will accommodate that within a one and one-half hour time frame doing our best to being as close to the time you have requested as possible. Our regular scheduled dog walks take priority over any last minute call-ins.

We provide dog walking every day of the week and every day of the year including holidays. Our hours for dog walking are 6am – 9pm.

Please click here for a complete description of our rates. Or, feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. 303-692-1140

We prefer a 24 hr advance request for any dog walking but understand emergencies come up.
However, because we have regularly scheduled daily walks, we ask that scheduling of as-needed visits/walks be scheduled with as much advance notice as possible. It is difficult for us to rearrange schedules and shuffle times to accommodate short notice requests but we will do our best.

You are able to cancel any dog walk with a 4 hour notice. If you do not cancel prior to the 4 hours or forget to cancel a walk, you will be charged our minimum charge of $16.00.

We try to keep the same two dog walkers on one job most of the time, especially if you are a regularly scheduled dog walk client. However, because of regular days off, vacations, or an illness we are sometimes not able to do that. All team members have been trained at a minimum two times walking your dogs and have all the current, needed information available to them at all times. They are prepared and ready to step in whenever needed.

All Dog Walkers have up-to-date client and home information with them at all times. Any new information is updated and given to each dog walker immediately. Schedules along with all materials are provided to dog walkers the week prior and updated and sent out throughout the day if needed and for future updates at the end of every day. Weekly team meetings are held to review any new information for existing clients and review information and schedule training for any new upcoming clients. We also discuss as a team how everything is going with every client and bounce ideas for various situations or problems that may have come up.