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April 2017 - Bea & Dougie

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April's pet of the month is none other than the Dynamic Dual, Bea and Dougie. Bea is an elderly Great Dane mix who has a heart of gold and Dougie is her faithful buddy. After Beas Mom adopted her at the shelter, she received a call that Beas buddy Dougie, was very sad and depressed. They asked her if she could bring her over for a visit hoping it would cheer Dougie up. Being that Beas Mom has a very kind heart, she just couldn’t say no, so she brought her to visit little Dougie. However when it was time to say goodbye she just couldn’t leave him behind so, Dougie became a permanent brother to Bea. They have been inseparable for years, and Dougie continues to take care of his big sister, even insisting on staying with her at the vets overnight if she needs to stay there. Such sweet pups!