Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking Services

One of the most important reasons dogs should get their daily exercise is to maintain a healthy weight. Some of the benefits of regular exercise include improved muscle tone, endurance, and preventing cardiovascular disease. Talk with your vet about all the benefits of routine exercise for your pet. Your pet will tell you it’s just a blast, it makes them happy and they get to enjoy that “dog’s life” they so deserve.

Not Enough Time? We’re Here to Help

Because of hectic schedules, emergencies and long hours at work, it’s not always possible to walk our furry friends on a regular basis or enough to insure fitness and health. At YBFF, we are able to set up regular daily walk programs or as many times a week as you require. Some of our pet parents just have us walk their pups a couple times a week because it’s an adventure, fun, and gives them a break from their regular routine.

What Happens on the Walk?

The length of walk can range from 10 minutes to as long as you wish. We provide quick visits for potty & stretching to keep your home free of accidents and longer walks to add exercise and fun. We are community conscious and will always clean up during our walk. At each visit, we will ensure your pet has fresh water when we leave and you will have a note left in your best friend’s folder telling you of our adventures for that day. Our flexible scheduling allows for walking beginning at 6 am up to 9 pm. Your requested time of walk will occur within a one and one-half hour time frame keeping the visit as close to your requested time as possible.


Some of our Pet Parents send their furry friends to doggie day care one or two days a week then use YBFF the other days just for a change and to give some one on one time.

Dogs are always walked on leash. YBFF carries our own leashes and if needed, martingale collars that makes it almost impossible for dogs to slip out of. If your dog wears a certain collar/training collar, we will use that as instructed. Should your pet require some minor obedience work, we can incorporate that into the walks. We will always reinforce learned behaviors and commands as you instruct us to do.

Combining Walks

YBFF normally provides one-on-one walks with just your pets. However, if you do have friends in the same complex/neighborhood that need dog walking services, we will be more than happy to combine the dogs, providing they get along with each other and the schedules match. A discount will be given for combined walks. Because we have regularly scheduled daily walks, we ask that scheduling of as-needed visits/walks be scheduled with as much advance notice as possible. It is difficult for us to rearrange schedules and shuffle times to accommodate short notice requests but we will always do our best to fit them in and within your requested time frame.