You Know You’re a Pet Sitter…

They see things and do things that no one else would imagine doing, let alone loving every minute of it. And no one, no one but another pet sitter, could ever understand any of it! You Know You’re a Pet Sitter…

…when you’re at dinner with friends and you excuse yourself to go “potty”.

…when you reach in your pocket and always poop bags and treats

…when your pockets have holes in them from dogs trying to get to your never ending supply of treats

…when you get excited when walking two dogs and they poo simultaneously. One Bag!! Woohoo!

…when your phone storage just can’t take another cute pet photo due to the current volume of client photos you already have.

…when you have more photos of pets on your phone than people and half aren’t your pets.

…when you are hairy all the time.

…when you smell peanut butter or cat food on you but can’t figure out where it is smeared on you.

…when your own dog and other dogs smell other dogs on you …. Kitties too.

…when your friends hear about your work day and they all say, “oooh I want to be a pet sitter too!”

…when you can’t count the times you have told your kids to “Stay” and used the hand signal as well

…when you need to move leashes and poop bags before someone gets in your car.

…when your clients are a tiny bit jealous of how much their pet loves you.

…when you know the garbage pick-up day of all the areas of your city, by heart.

…when a client asks about your service area before they consider looking for a new place to live.

…when you meet someone in a public place who recognizes you, but you have to ask the pet’s name.

…when you don’t know what day of the week it is because you work every day.

…when you open your eyes every morning and can’t wait to get to work!!