Whenever you want to challenge yourself a little more and get more exercise, you might think of taking the stairs. It’s no different for your dog. Running up and downstairs can be a great way for your dog to receive extra exercise throughout the day. This is particularly great to help your dog build muscle as well as continuing to get them the cardio exercise they need for a healthy heart.


Are you a runner or have you thought about taking up running? Bring your dog! Your dog doesn’t just need walks, they need to also be able to run around. Taking them with you on your usual running route or trail is a great way to have organized and controlled running. Rather than letting your dog run aimlessly around, getting them on your run for a mile or so can be great for them. But remember, when your dog needs to stop and take a rest, you should stop. Bring your dogs on runs where you’re not worried about them slowing your process down.


Your dog may not be a traditional tracking breed, but virtually every dog can participate in tracking of some sort. You can get your dog involved in the dog sport of tracking, where scent trails are laid out for dogs to follow. This is a great way to get your dog out walking or running with a goal in mind and a reward at the end. It’s great for both physical exercise and to offer them a positive experience.


This one is a no-brainer and virtually every dog instinctively knows how to participate in fetch. You can throw just about anything, for any size dog, and let them go wild collecting items and running them back. Wrestling with them for the object afterward can also help them build muscle. Best of all, fetch can also be an indoor sport if the weather’s bad or you don’t have a safe area to play fetch with your dog. You can combine it with the stairs exercise by having them fetch up and down the stairs.


Just as you likely enjoy exercise when it’s done as a sport or another activity that allows you to have fun while you’re doing it, your dog also will enjoy their exercise time most when they’re having fun. For many dogs, that means playing with either you or other dogs. Dogs are naturally good at playing with each other and naturally drawn to such play. If your dog is social and safe, let them run around and play with other dogs to get tons of exercise while always having fun and a great social experience. This is especially great for younger dogs.

A dog walking service can do all of these things, and more, to help get your dog plenty of exercise. Learn more about the best dog walking service Denver has to offer by calling us today.