If you were to hire a babysitter, then you would be sure to get to know the person watching your children, right? Hiring a pet sitter should be no different. Especially since you most likely consider your pet family, there is no reason to hire a pet sitter of whom you have not spoken to thoroughly.

When evaluating Denver Pet Sitters, and before you leave your pet with a new sitter, ask a few important questions. The answers to these questions will allow you to confirm that your pet will be well cared for while you are away from them.

Do you enjoy looking after pets?

Although this should be a definite yes, it is important to ask this question. If a pet sitter is actively able to tell you that they do not like their job, they most likely won’t do the best job taking care of your pet.

What experience do you have looking after pets?

Even when leaving your pet with a friend or family member, you need to make sure they are experienced in taking care of your specific type of pet.

Especially if your pet has special needs, bad habits, or emotional issues, the pet sitter will need to know how to provide care for them. If your dog needs medication or freshly prepared food, you need to tell your sitter beforehand. Not only may this require an extra charge, but they might not feel comfortable doing so.

Having an experienced pet sitter can be the difference between a stressful vacation calling your sitter every hour, and a relaxing getaway.

How often will you exercise my pet?

Make sure your sitter is able to allow your pet to exercise as often as it needs. For example, some dogs are fine with a brisk 15-minute walk, while other breeds require 30-90 minutes of exercise per day. Be sure to confirm that your pet sitter will allow them to adequately take out their energy. Keeping your pet in it’s routine will make the experience less anxiety-prone.

How would you handle an emergency, and are you insured?

Emergencies do happen. If something happens to your dog that requires a hospital visit, make sure you know what your sitter plans to do. If this includes visiting a vet, you need to know who the vet is. If the sitter refuses to go to another vet, then consider visiting that vet beforehand. Give the vet your pet’s medical information if necessary.

Make sure the sitter also knows where to find an emergency after-hours vet. They should also know how to reach you in case of an emergency. Additionally, your pet sitter should be insured for this very reason. For example, if their home or facility causes an accident, such as a dislocated hip from slipping, you do not want to be stuck with the vet bill.

If you are considering going on a vacation and hiring a sitter, be aware of your options. Ask the right questions and be diligent to keep your pet safe.