Hiring a pet sitter is always a great idea when it comes to leaving your pet alone. Whether you need to leave your pet alone during the day when you go to work, or you need to go on a vacation, these events can increase your pet’s anxiety.  This is where Pet Sitters Denver comes in. We can help you have more peace of mind when it comes to leaving your pet alone.

The following tips will help you feel more comfortable knowing your pet will be feeling alright without you.

Introduce Your Pet and Sitter

This can help to avoid intense anxiety when you leave. Some pets do not like being around strangers, meaning you should introduce your pet and the sitter before you leave on your trip. Spend some time with the both of them together, ensuring that they are in good hands.

Keep Routines the Same

Many pets love their routines. If you can keep your pet on the same routine as normal, then you will be able to make them feel more comfortable with the pet sitter. This can also help them to stay relaxed until you are back. Be sure to leave specific instructions for the pet sitter, to reduce anxiety in your pet.

Give the Sitter Instructions to Deal With Anxiety

When your pet has anxiety, you most likely do the same things to soothe them. Whether that includes petting them, giving them CBD oil, or giving them a massage, you need to tell your pet sitter this. Teach your pet sitter how your pet reacts to anxiety, what symptoms to look for, and how to alleviate the problem. You can also leave the sitter a list of procedures to help your pet feel better when they have anxiety.

Visit the Vet Before You Go

Try not to leave for a trip if your pet is feeling sick. Your pet may find it even more difficult to deal with anxiety if they are not feeling their best. Be sure to take them for a check-up and make sure to let the vet know you plan to leave for a bit. You may ask if they have tips to keep your pet calm while you are gone. Since the vet is familiar with your pet, they may have some good insight into keeping them anxiety-free with the pet sitter.

Talk to the Vet About Anti-Anxiety Medication

Since so many pets suffer from anxiety, some of them require anti-anxiety medication. If you believe that your pet may need some type of medication, you can ask your pet’s vet. They may be able to give you a prescription if needed.

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We offer a variety of pet sitters that can help to alleviate anxiety in your pet. Try to avoid leaving your pet feeling miserable when you are away. Instead, prepare them, and ensure that they have the best experience possible. Contact us today to learn more about our pet sitting offerings.